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UAE Customs Procedures

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Dubai air and sea customs clearance procedures
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UAE emirates, much the same customs clearance procedures, of which the Emirate of Dubai as a major international commercial port, is more representative of its customs rules, the following detailed description on all sea and air ports of Dubai customs clearance procedures:

Port Rashid Customs

(A) imports
Import declaration to be a “Bill of Lading” and “customs list” two manifest. Imports were ransomed from the shipping agency bivalent single, and the original and three copies submitted to the customs, while the other must provide the following documents:
1, the Customs duty paid receipts or any other duty-paid certificate;
2, the original invoice;
3, certificate of origin;
4, business license or a copy of the importer identification.
Customs agents may also be required imports of goods of the declaration issued by an importer of record copies of business licenses. Subsequently, the customs officials will be levied customs duties, paid the following documents will be returned to the importer or the customs declaration:
1, two customs manifest the original one and two copies;
2, operating license or ID card copies.
Importer with the above-mentioned documents to the delivery process, the Department reserves the “bill of lading” and “customs list” and one of the original single copies.

(B) re- Transport
Permission from Customs in the import and customs duties to pay a deposit substitute, may within 6 months of imports of goods re-exports. In this case, is usually required to provide proof of re-exports, the deposit can be paid in cash or bank guarantee. 6 months overdue if the goods were not leaving the country, will be charged the appropriate tariff, in which case, in addition to the import certificate shall be provided with the same number of documents, must:
1, re-export license;
2, deposit or bank guarantee to pay customs duties.
Re-exports of goods before departure is subject to Customs control and examination.
Imports from Hong Kong and for the temporary exhibition of the goods, from import within 90 days to be shipped abroad. End of the exhibition, before packing the goods, Customs will supervise the seals. Customs clearance procedures for import of such goods to be provided to relevant departments of the exhibition license.

(C) transit
1, be submitted upon arrival and transported to other destinations via Dubai cargo is called the “transit”, freight forwarders, customs in the customs declaration shall provide the following documents:
1) “bill of lading,” “customs list” manifest in the original two and three copies;
2) If the transit from the land, the amount of goods that must be issued. They also need to pay and tariff equivalents of deposit or bank guarantee. In the case of customs from other ports, then subject to the requirements of the local customs clearance.

2, bonded warehouse area
Dubai Ports Authority for the long-term storage of cargo in the port storage charges provided cheap warehouse area (DFSA). To provide the following documents, customs clearance and cargo can be stored in the DFSA:
1) to provide the DFSA by the importer imported goods storage list;
2) The freight bill of lading;
3) the original invoice;
4) certificate of origin;
5) The business license or ID card copy of the importer.
Outward transfer of goods from DFSA shall be issued by the importer or freight forwarding import export single. Required to pay import tariffs, export customs requirements from the land to pay the deposit, notify the Customs cargo area, its ownership can be transferred, usually in the region does not allow secondary packaging of goods.

(D) of the Jie in the port of worship. Ali Free Zone Customs Office
1, generally, free zone customs office responsible for customs clearance of imported goods in free zones, the procedures may Bilaxide Hong Kong is simple, to provide the following documents:

1) The bill of lading;
2) the original invoice;
3) The certificate of origin;
4) provided by the local owner free zone imports of goods to prove;
5) A copy of business license free zone.

2, agents bonded warehouse
Some customs and freight forwarders have their own at Port Rashid Customs bonded warehouse supervision. This case, by virtue of the agent “for the transfer of goods to the customs bonded supervision of proof”, asked the Customs to transfer the goods to their clients the right to pay by the Port Authority to its own, after which they can transfer some or all of the goods to its established private warehouses in the region. Transshipment cargo in the application must provide the following documents:
1) The bill of lading issued by the freight forwarding (in the case of an application made by the shipping agent, you do not need this one);
2) by the relevant customs and freight forwarding a copy of the relevant documents issued.
According to regulations, freight forwarders are required to endorse the bill of lading or the issue of a letter, letter said: no objection to the declaration and cargo handling agents to issue delivery instructions to the importer to allow their clearance after the delivery. After the extraction of clearance shall be imported or goods in transit.

(E) export and re-Transport

Exports are not tariffs, the Department requested to provide the following materials for cargo statistics:
Description of goods;
F.O.B price;
Weight (in kg);
Origin (only export goods).
Freight agent freight arrived in port, the Customs shall provide a “list of export goods”, this one may not be used as “free zone” bonded “and” transit “exports of goods that, if violated, will be based on the Customs Notice No. 84/110 liable to fine. In addition, for the purpose of re-export of imported goods has to go through customs in the re-examination, to redeem the deposit or bank guarantee.

Airport Customs

(A) imports
Customs entry of goods through the airport using a computer to the system of “Air Cargo Customs alone.” Tariffs paid in cash when submitted. Who are required to pay a deposit instead of tariff, the importer should be to “tariff deposit Office” (DEPOSIT CLERK) the relevant procedures.
Importer or his agent to import goods to the office – “DANATA” receiving bills of lading, and this one here with the air waybill, the original invoice, certificate of origin, etc. be submitted to the customs and boycott, Israel office. If the goods do have Council or a ministry inspection, customs officials will inform the importer; as be subject to customs inspection, the officials will immediately inform the importer; when the boycott office (or other) after a routine inspection of imports in under the following conditions must return to “DEPOSIT CLERK” pay the deposit:

1, the document is lost or a temporary import;
2, from the client stored in the customs tariff taxes deducted from the credit account or submit a bank certificate issued by cash or bank guarantee;
3, for the long-term alternative to the deposit guarantee.
To get the importer, after the document to that Office for processing customs declarations. In addition to the above, such as taxes paid in cash or goods are imported duty-free area, the importer can be done directly from the boycott of the Customs formalities that office, when customs officials will be given to the importer in duplicate air waybill to harbor has enabled delivery. Bill of lading, invoices, certificates and certificates of origin by air are to remain in the Customs.

(B) of the transit
Airway bill or invoice marked “transit in Dubai,” sent to other destinations in the customs declaration system with a computer to the “air transit list” for processing. Customs agents shall provide a bill of lading, airway bill, invoice Customs does not require transit of goods, but to provide the best value of goods that, in order to transit through the land, the harbor has enabled the Customs levied deposit.
Customs issued by the “air transit permit”, the agent may handle cargo clearance procedures. Hong Kong is different with Rasheed, the airport customs are “air – land – empty” or “sea – land – sea” transport of the goods declaration is not required.

(C) Temporary import of goods
In obtaining customs approval and payment of customs deposit, the importer may be 6 months of re-import the goods. Receipt of the goods within a certain time after the departure that the Department return the deposit. More than 6 months, the goods are still stranded inside, after deposit in the refund is taxable.
Customs allows exhibitors approved after the deposit in payment of customs duties of imported goods, the goods must be within 6 months of leaving the country, which should be any sale of part of the tax. End of the exhibition, exhibitors should send personnel to supervise the customs to leave the packaging of goods. Imports of goods required to file with the same period. Before departure also need to re-exports under the supervision of Customs.

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